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Watch “Crying Wolf,” an Emotional Blend of Animation and Live-Action

Reel Nation Media releases its newest film, a short drama and animated film on imagination and growing up.

“When a young girl discovers an uncanny friend in the woods, its effects resonate throughout her life but conflict with the monotonous reality of the adult world.”

View the trailer below:


Behind the Film

Crying Wolf was filmed in 2017 and later completed in 2019 due to intensive frame-by-frame, digitally hand-drawn animations, also by Claire Collison. Ferns sprout to life, a chirping bird takes flight, and growing mushrooms all add to the whimsical feeling of childhood and creating your own reality. In our March 2019 newsletter interview with her, Claire is described:

A photograph of Claire Collison
Director of "Crying Wolf", Claire Collison

“Claire was born to be an artist. At a young age, she was adept at drawing and painting and bounced back and forth between being an artist and a writer. Wanting to be an artist came from how captivated she was with reading a good story. Though she doesn’t share that writing desire anymore, she has a strong passion to have the same effect on others through her own storytelling. Claire emphasized an enjoyment and desire to contribute to stories that inspire and ‘allow you to see a part of yourself within them—to learn something about yourself or to see things in a different way.’”

As all art is for their creators, Crying Wolf is an amazing insight into its author, and it serves as an important mirror for how we think of imagination in our world today.


Where to Watch

Crying Wolf is only available for members on Reel Nation Media, where it can be viewed amongst its current film selection. The film is, at the time, free to watch.

The film can be viewed on the RNM Cinema page or Crying Wolf page, and also through the embedded video below:


About Reel Nation Media

Reel Nation Media was founded in 2014 by Daniel Roy Bills, Lauren Houdek, and Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz. In a world of billion-dollar franchises, binge-watching, and viral videos, they saw the lack of media art that was altogether authentic, fun, and healthy for audiences striving to be conscious and sincere with their media consumption. Claire Collison, a visionary cinematographer, joined the team in 2019. The motion-picture and art studio will create a new compendium of entertainment, crafted to heal and inspire audiences, in 2020.

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