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Now Available to Preorder - An Inspiring Character Documentary (Sally's Iron Mustangs)

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Sally's Iron Mustangs, Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz's (my) latest documentary following the endeavors of a senior bodybuilder promoting strength for women in her community, is now available to preorder on Reel Nation Media's online store.


The Story

Sally Winchell, an age-defying bodybuilder and nutrition buff turning sixty-five, devotes herself to building health programs in Lancaster, PA, inspiring senior women to revive their passion for well-being and even compete in powerlifting.

Sally is the wellness center director at Bright Side Opportunities Center, a non-profit organization serving Lancaster, PA. The story launches when Sally challenges her core strength and conditioning class, "Sally's Iron Mustangs," to powerlift in the 2022 Senior Games, an annual sporting event. The close-knit senior women will have to dedicate themselves to Sally's intense routine to set new personal records. Amidst this journey, Sally scrambles to launch new health programs for her community almost single-handedly. As tasks pile on and the Senior Games approach, so does Sally's sixty-fifth birthday and the stress leading up to it. The film adopts an intimate, observational style, allowing audiences to witness each event as if they were joining Sally and her Iron Mustangs in discovering strength they never knew they possessed.

Sally (left) helps a woman stretch.
Sally (left) helps a woman stretch.

Why Preorders?

The short answer: preordering supports the making of the film and gives audiences exclusive access to view it before any other distribution window.

As I've done with Stand Up (2016) and The Pursuit of Refuge (2019), preorders allow me to earn capital to complete the making of my film while promising a product in return. Unlike most crowdfunding sites riddled with incomplete projects and undelivered promises, preorders are a safe way for audiences to support my work with no risk. I only practice accepting preorders when the film is on the verge of completion and will provide full refunds should anything go awry with the post-production.

For those who are eager to see the film, preordering is perfect; Unlike purchasing theater tickets and rentals, preorder audiences will have a copy of the film to keep indefinitely. Preorders also allow audiences to skip the wait! Reel Nation Media will directly send an exclusive digital copy to preorder customers before the movie even hits festivals and theaters. Preordering Sally's Iron Mustangs is also the earliest window to view it.

Audiences can preorder Sally's Iron Mustangs at this link:

What to Expect

As of this article's publish date, 90% of Sally's Iron Mustangs is through production and will be submitted to film festivals and distribution platforms in June 2022. The summer is also when Sally's Iron Mustangs is expected to be available for preorder customers. Reel Nation Media will contact preorder customers via email, including a redemption code, once the film is made exclusively available for them on the Reel Nation Media website.

How to Get Involved

Visit the film's webpage to preorder the film, register for a screening, or read up on more details at this link:

For future details on the film and upcoming teaser-trailer kick-off event, interested audiences can become a member of Reel Nation Media for free. They will receive regular news updates and access to exclusive content.

Signing up for a membership can be done at


ABOUT REEL NATION MEDIA Reel Nation Media is an independent film production company owned and operated by director Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz. The brand focuses on “conscious media art,” authentic stories that heal its artists and audiences. In 2022, Reel Nation Media aims to produce original short films exploring personal strength and calling for empathy for the worldwide family displacement crisis.

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