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Principal Photography Complete! - Sally’s Iron Mustangs

On May 12, 2022, principal photography was complete for Reel Nation Media’s upcoming documentary, Sally’s Iron Mustangs, a film directed by Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz. This milestone successfully transitioned the film to the editing phase of production, keeping it on schedule for a Summer 2022 festival release date. Audiences interested in seeing the film as soon as possible can pre-order a digital copy and/or sign up for a free Reel Nation Media membership to be notified of screening information.

I wanted to find a story that would help heal me, inspire me to reclaim my determination, and be relatable to the plenty of strangers, friends, and family sharing my struggles. - Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz

Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz (Director, left) and Sally Winchell (right)
Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz (Director, left) and Sally Winchell (right)

From Principal Photography to Post-Production

Sally’s Iron Mustangs is a documentary film I began researching in December 2021 and filming in January 2022. The story follows Sally Winchell, an age-defying bodybuilder and nutrition buff, building her morning training group of senior women to revive their passion for well-being and compete in powerlifting. The last day of principal photography wrapped on Sally’s sixty-fifth birthday.

Adobe Inc. defines principal photography “as the creative execution phase of film production, sandwiched between pre-production and post-production.” For me, completing this phase on a documentary film means that the story has been captured and narrating it through film editing has begun. My plan for the next three months is to study all the footage, organize it into a compelling, well-paced story, arrange a moving soundtrack, test the film with audiences, and test the technical performance of the audio and video for distribution on various formats (theaters, smart devices, TVs, etc.).

Director Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz behind a camera
Director Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz

Intentions and a Personal Process

Sally’s Iron Mustangs is being produced almost entirely on my own as it’s deeply personal to me. In November 2021, when I set out to search for the subject of my next documentary, I felt that I was at a low point in my life and attitude towards it, especially after the pandemic and failing to launch two web series. With those feelings, I wanted to find a story that would help heal me, inspire me to reclaim my determination, and be relatable to the plenty of strangers, friends, and family sharing my struggles. When I heard of Sally’s story through her husband, a great filmmaking friend, my intuition felt her endeavors would perfectly match my intuitions. My gut was correct; making a film about someone so transformational as Sally motivated me to recover my passion for my own well-being, strength, and overcoming challenges. Ultimately, I want audiences to be inspired by the character transformations and then choose to reclaim their own strength. If these older women can strive for uncanny goals for their own well-being, then maybe so should we.

Sally Winchell (bottom right) and her Iron Mustangs
Sally Winchell (bottom right) and her Iron Mustangs

Plans for Sharing the Adventure

Upon completing the editing process, my goal for distribution is to screen the film at least fifty domestic (USA) screens, including film festivals, local and chain theaters, community centers, and religious centers. Following the theatrical/festival release, I aim to make the film available worldwide on video-on-demand on platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Personally, presenting a film is a spiritual experience. I see it as providing a catharsis, an emotional release, through a window of empathy that has sacrificed months of myself to craft. My anticipation to see how audiences react to this incredible, personal story is sky high; it’s the reason I jump out of bed every morning.

Join the Adventure

To keep up with news on Sally’s Iron Mustangs, please visit its official page at and sign up as a free Reel Nation Media member to receive updates in your email inbox. Pre-ordering the film is also available for a limited time only. Pre-order audiences will be able to screen the film before the theatrical release, allowing them to be the very first to view the movie before any other audience group. Individuals and organizations can also request a screening local to their area and/or in facilities accessible to them. And finally, if you want a glimpse of behind-the-scenes footage and screenshots, please visit my social media profiles:

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Reel Nation Media is an independent film production company owned and operated by director Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz. The brand focuses on “conscious media art,” authentic stories that heal its artists and audiences. In 2022, Reel Nation Media aims to produce original short films exploring personal strength and calling for empathy for the worldwide family displacement crisis.


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