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Watch “1:6 Scale Passion,” an Inspiring Portrait of a Niche Artist

Reel Nation Media releases a new captivating mini-doc, free to watch for its members.

A 1:6 scale model of Hannibal Lecter from "The Silence of the Lambs"

“A short, inspiring portrait of a passionate 1:6 scale figure artist practicing his craft.”


1:6 Scale Passion explores a single creative burst by 1:6 scale artist, James Rohrbaugh. The fast-paced story is unlike other mini-docs because of it dropping the “talking head” style of storytelling and, instead, sticking to a very observational and subjective experience. As the audience, you are in the midst of the process of creation, and never being relinquished for a second. A test screening review reads:

“It’s a motivational look at a person’s seemingly obscure/insignificant craft, but it also shows how much joy the craft brings to him. It inspires me to do more of my own hobbies and concentrate.”

1:6 Scale Passion is potentially the first in a series of mini-docs for Reel Nation Media members. Stay tuned!


Where to Watch

1:6 Scale Passion is only available for members on Reel Nation Media, where it can be viewed amongst its current film selection. The film is, at the time, free to watch.



Reel Nation Media was founded in 2014 by Daniel Roy Bills, Lauren Houdek, and Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz. In a world of billion-dollar franchises, binge-watching, and junk, viral videos, they saw the lack of media art that was altogether authentic, fun, and healthy for audiences striving to be conscious and sincere with their media consumption. Claire Collison, a visionary cinematographer, joined the team in 2019. The motion-picture and art studio will create a new compendium of entertainment, crafted to heal and inspire audiences, for the first half of 2020.

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