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This NEW Art Show Helps You Care About the Art You Consume

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

The moment when you see yourself in the reflection of your black laptop screen during a fade out of a Netflix binge session leads most to wonder, “what am I doing with my life?”

I used to go through this all the time when Breaking Bad, a popular HBO show, was fresh. At the time, I was in film school and used the excuse that I was “studying the material”. However, a guilty feeling would still hover over and it forced me to face the question: WHY? Why am I watching? What does art mean to me?

The guilt for indulging in entertainment while I could have been improving my health at the gym or reading up on my actual studies, went away when I found my answer. I no longer felt bad about watching Breaking Bad, and I also appreciated it in a different light and ultimately found more meaning. I came to enjoy art more...

Do you care about the content you absorb and how it affects you? Do you wish artists would put more effort into making a difference for YOU and the WORLD? Well look no further! Reel Nation Media’s newest show is here for you. - Click to Tweet


So I ask you, what does art mean to you? Why do you consume art/media? And what do you want it to do for your life? Asking these questions is why we created the “Get Reel” show. A show where we talk about art and search for deeper understanding of how to utilize it FOR our lives, instead of utilizing ourselves for art/entertainment/media/etc.

The full 50 minute discussion is below on YouTube and also in a Podcast Format (Coming Soon to iTunes)

Here is a bullet point list on what is discussed in this first episode:

  • What does art mean to us at Reel Nation Media?

  • What got us into art?

  • How can art be “good” and accessible?

  • What is mainstream media doing with art?

  • How does being self aware increases the value you get out of art?

  • What can people and industries do to be more aware about their art?

How can YOU get involved?

So tell us in the comments! What does art mean to you? And what do you look from it? Also let us know whether or not this show has been helpful to you, and what we can do to make it easier for you to observe.

Check out what awesome art we have coming your way at and always, always, always...

Keep it Reel!


Meet The Hosts!

Lauren Houdek: Lauren is a musician, poet, aspiring filmmaker, art enthusiast, you name it! He’s been apart of Reel Nation Media from the start, and now he’s here to pioneer with us through the modern art landscape. Visit his website here:

Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz: Abdullah is film director/producer who’s always striving to do right with his craft, and bringing others along for the journey. You can visit his page on the Reel Nation Media Website.

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