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Stand Up Standard Edition DVD Coming to Amazon

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Stand Up, the wrestling documentary, will discontinue the Stand Up Special Edition DVD and instead sell the Standard Edition DVD on Amazon in January 2018, and on the RNM Shop, until further notice. This decision was made for the following reasons.

  • We wanted the SE DVD to be truly special for those who have purchased it and supported Stand Up since the beginning.

  • To bring DVD prices down for the general audience.

  • It will be faster to process and ship through Amazon. You will see the film sooner.

  • Amazon does not support the functions we need to sell the SE DVD.

  • Reel Nation Media is spending resources in newer and better products and films for you!

  • Stand Up will be coming to iTunes and Amazon Video Prime this wrestling season.

The Stand Up Standard Edition will lack all special features except for the "After Stand Up" video. The Standard Edition will also not come with a free digital version. Here is what comes with the Special Edition DVD:

  • Director's Commentary

  • Interview with the filmmaker

  • A workout training series by Lamont Stanley (included online)

  • "After Stand Up" - a video showing where the participants of the film are at now

  • A special insight into coaching

  • A special insight into wrestling

  • The "Can't Keep Me Down" music video

  • Redeemable code for digital HD copy

Each DVD will also include digital downloads of wrestling music, and a lifetime access of future content from Stand Up to come.


This Isn't The End

This doesn't mean we won't ever provide the Stand Up Special Edition DVD ever again; it just means we won't be for a while. You will still be able to access the Stand Up Special Edition DVD digitally on Vimeo OTT (Formerly VHX).

With that being said, if you plan on getting the Special Edition or owning the film on both DVD and Digital HD, head on over to the Stand Up Special Edition DVD Product Page and order now while supplies last. To just rent or own the film on digital HD, head on over to Vimeo OTT (Formerly VHX).

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