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Stand Up - Crowdfunding Starting. Preorders Ending!

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Stand Up Wrestling Documentary coming to Seed&Spark


No doubt about it: Stand Up is done, finished, polished, and ready for you to watch.

However we also want to have a theatrical release so that wrestling communities can use the film to fundraise, grow, and inspire their programs. Stand Up is all about giving back to wrestling, and inspiring. In order to do this, we will presell the film to you so that we have the funds to make the theatrical and community screenings possible.

We want you to join us on our journey of making a difference in wrestling communities, and inspiring people of this sport no matter who they may be: wrestler, coach, or parent. We want to give back with you!

So how this will work is, when Stand Up goes live on Seed&Spark, you will be able to purchase different tiers of Stand Up. For example: Tier one at $8 will earn you a digital rental. Tier two at $16 will earn you a digital download. Tier 3 at $25 will earn you a DVD shipped to you. Tier 4 at $35 will earn you a special edition DVD with special edition digital access. And so on... (These are not concrete.)

Want in? Get notified when we go live ASAP by signing up on our preorder form.

Is it crowd funding? Sure. Is it more you getting your hands on the product earlier than everybody else? Yes! You are, in a way, preordering.

So that means we will be closing the preorder function on our website, and replacing it with Seed&Spark. What's going to happen to the people who already signed up to preorder? Awesome things! That's what!

Our early and loyal commitments will receive a special thanks, and continue to recieve VIP exclusive access for exclusive content of the film if they so chose. We thank you for baring with us while we figure this process out, and we deeply appreciate your loyalty. It doesn't go forgotten! Sign-up to preorder before this window closes!

By the way, have you seen our latest trailer?

Keep it Reel!

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