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Scoring Stand Up - Interview With Luciano Vian

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Reel Nation Media interviews Luciano Vian, film soundtrack composer and sound engineer, for his work on Stand Up. Make sure you read on to catch this insight to the filmmaking process on the movie about the greatest sport of all time and escaping from bottom.

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Let's get started!

1. Can you give us a short career background of your self?

Luciano: Well, honestly, I wouldn't have any other way to put my career: it is short indeed! I started in advertising when I was 19, working for agencies in São Paulo, Brazil. Ever since, I had a passion for soundtracks. Eventually, I reached a point where I figured that I had to give that passion a shot of becoming a career; so I moved to Winter Park, FL, where I studied recording and music production for around 2 years. After that, I moved to San Francisco and later on back to Brazil, doing remote and local work as a composer and sound effects designer for games and movies.

2. How did you get involved with Stand Up?

Luciano: I was a very close friend of Samuel Lizarralde, who was scoring a short from Abdullah back when we were all in Florida, studying at the same university. I met Abdul in one of his visits to Sam's apartment and there we both found out how much we loved the Samurai Jack cartoon. He was planning on eventually doing a short video tribute to it, so I wrote a theme song that could fit in. Ever since, we've been in touch about our own projects and try to work together on pieces such as Stand Up whenever possible.

3. What music did you make for the film?

Luciano: I wrote the theme song, Stand Up.

4. What was your approach to working with Abdullah?

Luciano: Abdullah is very good at communicating what he wants to hear because he always starts with "I want the audience to feel like this or that". That is, in my opinion, the best way of directing a composer. Out of that, all we need to define are genres and maybe instruments that correctly match the aesthetics before I get down to business, but since he is very open-minded about those choices as long as the songs transmit the emotions he wants to express through the scenes, it becomes a very creative and productive environment. My creative process with his movies often go towards the simple act of watching the scene a few times and just writing something that matches what I felt as I was looking at the screen.

5. What was your approach on making the music? Where did your inspiration come from?

Luciano: Besides the film itself, the fact that I am also a fighter helped a great deal. Muay thai isn't exactly the same as wrestling, but the sense that you are fighting against your own self, the family-like bond you form with your partners and the drive of giving your very best at every match are pretty similar factors. Besides that, I have watched a few interviews and documentaries about Olympic athletes of different categories who had tough starts and scarce resources, but now have medals hanging from their necks: those were perfect examples of the whole "Stand Up" feel brought by Abdullah in this documentary.

6. Did you have fun working in this genre unfamiliar to you?

Luciano: It was a tough start because I kind of didn't know how to begin with it, but after banging my head against the wall for some hours, I decided to just clash rock and hip-hop together without bothering about breaking the rules of either genre. This generated a hybrid of realistic drums with beat-like harmonies and melodies, which felt great to my hearing. From that discovery on, it was all about having fun with exploring different sounds and bragging to my fellow composers that I could write rap lyrics.

7. What do you have planned for your career in the near future?

Luciano: Ugh, I hate this question... I should really know, shouldn't I? As for right now, I am recording a few bands in Brazil and writing for shorts and indie games whenever I have the chance. It's working so far, so I might think about changing things up a bit later on if I get a bit bored.

8. And finally, where can we listen to or watch your best work?

Luciano: You can go to if you'd like to look at my best pieces, but I also have a Youtube channel called See With Noises where I sometimes 3D audio experiences. The link is

We'd like to thank Luciano for his amazing work and his friendship. We hope to create more impactful media together, and inspire people to truth, understanding, hope, and self reformation.

This has been a special insight into Stand Up - a documentary film on wrestling, the greatest sport of all time, and escaping from bottom. Don't forget about the music video that you, yes YOU, can be in if you submit to us a video of yourself wrestling. You will be shown along with Luciano's song. Follow the instructions on the photo below!

Until next time... Keep it Reel!

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