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These Artists Use Music to Heal Themselves and Women in Need (NEW mini-doc)

Written by Director Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz

Tyler Jazz, a musician, and Krisztina Szabo, a graphic designer, volunteer to play and sing Christmas music at a women's shelter. Both of these amazing artists, who have been victims of domestic abuse, use their talents to heal others and themselves.

Tyler Jazz (left) and Krisztina Szabo (right) sit next to each other before they practice music.
Tyler Jazz (left) and Krisztina Szabo (right)

How To Watch

This second episode of our Reel Artist series was published on January 4th, 2021, and can be seen for free only on the Reel Nation Cinema page.

Production Story

The goal of this episode was to find a story where an artist challenged himself to accomplish an altruistic goal. I wrote this intention on my Facebook wall, and Tyler responded with what he was trying to accomplish at the Shalom House. After having a coffee with him and understanding his volition, I knew that his story deserved to be told.

Director Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz, Tyler, and Kirsztina
Abdullah, Tyler, and Kirsztina

During filming, Tyler was open with his process; he showed me, in-depth, how he warmed up, practiced, and finished his session. Since I pretty much filmed all of this, my challenge in post-production was to find the emotional core of the story and then jettison everything else out in order to meet the 5-minute-limit this series has. Tyler’s story was so meaningful that I could have easily included more; it was difficult to delete a few great scenes.

What’s Next

Consider checking out Tyler's music and Krisztina's art at the links below:

Donate and help shelter women and children at the Shalom House:

We are currently searching for our next subject for episode 3.

If you are enjoying this series and if you’re interested in seeing more, please let me know on the Feedback Forum and make sure you’re a member at Reel Nation Media to get first news on new content and watch exclusive films for free.

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