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NEW FILM: Sally's Iron Mustangs (With Screenshots)

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

My latest film follows the endeavors of a senior bodybuilder promoting strength for seniors in her community. Reel Nation Media members will receive updates and future screening information via email.

Sally Winchell stands in a large weight gym under several American flags
Sally's Iron Mustangs, Coming Summer 2022


The Story

In February 2022, I began film production on Sally’s Iron Mustangs, a tentatively-titled, short documentary in my latest initiative to promote health and wellness after the COVID-19 crisis.

The film will follow the story of Sally Winchell, a 64-year-old bodybuilder, and nutrition buff, as she ambitiously builds strength and nutrition programs in Lancaster, PA. Her endeavors will inspire discouraged seniors to revive their passion for well-being and even compete in powerlifting competitions.


More About Sally

Sally is the wellness center director at Bright Side Opportunities Center (BSOC), a non-profit organization in Lancaster, PA, created to address the unique needs of southwest Lancaster City by offering a wide range of services and resources to provide opportunities for all. Sally is also the owner of Nutrifreak, a wellnes brand dedicated to "teaching the generally healthy population good nutrition, how to make permanent lifestyle changes, and how to live the clean eating lifestyle."

Director's Statement

Sally Winchell (Left),  Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz (Right)
Sally Winchell (Left), Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz (Right)

I believe that hardship is inborn to every human life; we are vulnerable to succumbing to pain and heartbreak. Despite this, I believe that every person has a unique strength residing inside of them. Through reflection and tenacity, we all have an opportunity to manifest our potential and reframe adversity into an opportunity for healing.

Ultimately, I want my audiences to feel encouraged by Sally’s story to become stronger and question themselves: “Have I given up on myself? What can I be doing to build myself and rise to life’s challenges?” I want my audiences to realize that, despite the growing pains it takes to rise out of a depressed state of being, there is joy, love, and happiness in the journey to manifest one’s strength. In the end, the pain for the gain is worthwhile.

What to Expect

The film is halfway through production and is expected to be submitted to film festivals and distribution platforms in June 2022. In addition, Reel Nation Media will host a “film kick-off” event in April 2022. The event will feature the first teaser trailer for the film, a Q&A with me, and open networking.

How to Get Involved

Visit the film's webpage to watch the teaser, preorder the film, register a screening, or read up on more details:

For future details on the film and kick-off event, interested audiences can become a member of Reel Nation Media for free. They will receive regular news updates and access to exclusive content.

Signing up for a membership can be done at



Reel Nation Media is an independent film production company owned and operated by director Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz. The brand focuses on “conscious media art,” authentic stories that heal its artists and audiences. In 2022, Reel Nation Media aims to produce original short films exploring personal strength and calling for empathy for the worldwide family displacement crisis.

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