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Preventing Staph Infection [Infographic]

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

It’s happened to our teammates and even ourselves: a strange itchy spot seemingly pops out of nowhere at the end of practice. Coach’s face looks like he’s going to cry, and then tells you to go to the walk-in doctor he’s been using for years to get kids through skin checks. This time the doc gives you the pink slip that tells you “no wrestling until infection scabs over”. At this point, there is no chance for you to start in tomorrow’s line-up in your last match of the season.

Someone come play the violins.

According to the CDC (center for disease control) staph infections are are most common in contact sports like wrestling, where skin-on-skin and fluid contact are being exchanged.

"With skin infections, you can keep doing the right things, but still end up getting it. However, there are great steps that you can make to stay safe, relaxed, and secure." - Click to Tweet

We got your back! The team at Stand Up, the wrestling documentary film, is here to look after our wrestling family. We made this infographic/poster that you can email, print out as posters or flyers, post on your social media, or message to your team. Brains over brawn!


With good hygiene and some luck, you will go through the season unscathed, and save your team and self some serious stress. Stay healthy!

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Keep it Reel!


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