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How do Syrian Refugees Live in the USA? - Introduction

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

So how do Syrian Refugees live in the USA? Well that is the exact question I asked when I learned a year ago that Allentown PA, a town near me, was accepting Syrian Refugees into its community. The issue is now a hot topic with all the elections and debates going on in the popular media. Some will say "yes accept them with open arms!" Others will say "no, they're a danger to our communities. Some may be associated with terrorism. Look at what happened to Europe." My opinion fell somewhere in the middle, but, of course like most people, I was ignorant.

What is the true effect of these families settling in my home, the USA? How does the USA effect and change them? What is the true story and motivations behind these families? And most importantly, how do they relate to us?

I was told by a wise teacher that you will never truly know a people until you sit down with their children at their dinner table/mat. To answer my questions, I aimed to do just that, and film it.

Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz filming with Syrian Refugees in the USA

My film Refuge seeks to answer the questions above. For the next few weeks, I will relate the story of my filming and beautiful experience of getting to know a lovely family that I learned to call my own. This blog series (hopefully to become a video series) will explore this journey step by step. I hope you join me by signing up at As I edit and film the last few sequences, you will be able to get an exclusive insight and even contribution to the creation of my film: the answer of How do refugees live in the USA?

Have you seen the teaser trailer for the film? Watch below!

Please feel free to comment below on what you'd like to see and if you have any ideas on how we can better go through this journey together. Looking forward to it guys!

Keep it Reel!

Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz

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