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Show STAND UP to Your Community to Fundraise for Your Wrestling Cause

Bond and grow your team, offer merchandising to your attendees, customize your event however you want, accept sponsorships, host the film in your own facility, and keep 70% of all ticket revenue at a $0 startup cost.

Featured On

"An amazing and touching documentary"

-Film Director Kevin O'Neil

"This film captured the essence of the sport"

-Wrestling Coach Mahlon Chase

"It offers a glimpse into the actual life of a wrestler and the world in which they compete through the lens of ordinary high school wrestlers striving to be extraordinary."

-Wrestling Writer Michael Fessler

Accept Contributions/Donations

In addition to the movie tickets sales, you will have the opportunity to ask and accept contributions/donations for your wrestling cause as your audience is purchasing tickets!  You keep 100% of contributions.

You Keep 70% of All Ticket Revenue

The filmmakers will keep 30% to cover the cost it takes to run these screenings!  

Our goal is to have you keep $1,000 for your cause.

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