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How do we recover the value of entertainment in the information age?
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Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz
Mar 17, 2019
Ali, Thanks for the critical post and I apologize for not responding a lot sooner. I agree with the general notion that our media culture is losing its value, and its doing so rapidly. I think of beneficial entertainment, wise storytelling, is food for the soul. So, if we continue down this road of malnourishment, we will not survive as a society. We can already see signs of modern “progressive” society suffering from within as audiences are being served polarizing views wherever they turn their heads. I think the plan to tackle this decline comes on two fronts: 1. Audiences must be more careful who they lend their eyes, ears, and emotions to. 2. Creators must seek to return to ”sacred” or “enlightened” storytelling. As a creator, ironically, I have also been disconnecting from absorbing the majority of media out today. To answer your questions: - To find entertainment that gives me benefit, my number one source is honestly friends that I trust, like you. Word of mouth is powerful because people trust people they know. I think we should strive more to recommend what good we find to each other and make it a consistent practice. - I think we can promote conscious entertainment by seeking it out. Artists who strive to create such content struggle to get past the billion dollar marketing noise made by the studio and media giants. Turn to Patreon, Instagram, or local artist groups to find these artists and become their patrons.’ - The natural state of conscious entertainment is to be mainstream. From our origins as a species, fables, myths, poetry, etc embued their societies with morals and ways to survive. It’s only when the business part of “show business” gets involved does the balance become at risk. I don’t think positive entertainment will be mainstream soon, but perhaps in a near future. And I hate to say this, but my honest hypothesis of this near future is us, as a culture, learning the hard way. What are your thoughts?