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Stand Up is a high school sports, high stakes, wrestling documentary that champions family, brotherhood, and perseverance against greater odds.

The CD East Wrestling team hasn’t had a state qualifier in 5 years. However, 2014 may break that streak. Two seniors, Cevon and Joe, best friends and rivals, have one last shot to rise to the expectations of their team by wrestling to the PIAA State Tournament. Their greatest opponents are themselves as they struggle through the hardest wrestling state tournaments in the nation, and to find a meaning in their hardships.

The Stand Up Special Edition DVD has several hours of bonuses included. Some of which are:


  • Director's Commentary
  • Interview with the filmmaker
  • A workout training series by Lamont Stanley (included online)
  • "After Stand Up" - a video showing where the participants of the film are at now
  • Special insight into coaching
  • Special insight into wrestling
  • The "Can't Keep Me Down" music video
  • An ever expanding online library of new content on VHX for free

Each DVD will also include digital downloads of wrestling music, and a lifetime access of future content from Stand Up to come.

Stand Up *Special Edition* DVD


81 mins

Stereo Audio

Closed Captioning Available in English

Single Layer DVD


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