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You will never guess the ending of "Hot Fizz"

Updated: Oct 8, 2018


Has your dignity ever been compromised for something "more material"? It happens in every industry. Employees and workers are undervalued and abused around the globe... and we got sick of that.

So we made Hot Fizz... A dramatization of a ridiculous and historic event: A mysterious, seductive caller tortures an overworked college student to the edge of his wits as he struggles to survive the conversation with his dream career and life intact.

The film has an ending that you'd never see coming, so we're not going to see too much more. Go ahead and watch the short movie directed by Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz. It stars James Rohrbaugh, Lisa Budwig, and Jordan Kohler. The brilliant cinematography is by Matt Nease from Bold Creative Media LLC.

Click this link to watch! -

Or watch on YouTube below.

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