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(Tutorial) How We Added A Robot Eye in "DEAD ED"

The effect was, at first, difficult to learn. I haven't worked much in Adobe After Effects, the software used to create the effect, but I had enough knowledge to develop our own process to replace a robot character's eye with a light that brings him to life.

The tutorial was made for other visual effects artists working on the DEAD ED team, but, since the video was decently put together, I wanted to share it to my fellow creators at Reel Nation Media. You can view the video below:

With this video, I hope for those looking to achieve the similar effect will avoid the frustrations of figuring this out from scratch!

If you found this helpful to you, please consider becoming a member on the site for future content similar to this. If you are a VFX artist who knows a better way to do this, then please give us some constructive feedback!

Keep it Reel!

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