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The Wintriest Storm, RNM's First Proof-Of-Concept

Written by Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz

In a near-future, war-torn country, a close-knitted group of survivors, the Grain Family, endeavor to deliver justice onto desperate looters who have occupied a house of worship and massacred the war relief volunteers within.

Jody, played by Austin Greene

This is the world the proof-of-concept episode Rupture, our latest published work, explores. It was published today, August 5th, 2020, on the Reel Nation Cinema page and can be watched for free after signing up.

Click HERE to watch it now!


What is a Proof-Of-Concept?

Rupture would be the third episode of the war epic web series tentatively titled The Wintriest Storm. The episode picks up at the end of the show’s first act when the group’s strongest voice for justice, Jody, finds his best friend, Sylvia, injured by the looters, and vows vengeance. However, his confiscated rifle is with the group’s pacifist matriarch, who is already finalizing orders for his exile.

This episode explores the relationship dynamics that will be tugging away at audiences throughout the series. Friendships will be forged, enemies will be made, family will be lost, and sacrifice will sometimes be the only option. The inspiration for the story comes from the stories of a war civilian life my mother would share to me from her own experiences. Comparable stories would be the likes of The Pianist (2002), and This War of Mine (2014).

Cinematographer Claire Collison studies the Rupture storyboard

The Story Behind the Story

The episode itself was developed in the Sundance Collab Directing Fundamentals program and it will be used as a tool to gauge audience interest and as part of a pitching package for film financing. By the nature of film development, the story, characters, and set pieces are all subject to change.

Tracy, played by Lisa Budwig

Get Involved!

If you enjoyed the concept and if you’re interested in seeing more, please let me know on the Feedback Forum and make sure you’re a member at Reel Nation Media to get first news on new content and watch exclusive films for free.

Keep it Reel!

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