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Syrian Refugee Documentary To Screen In North America

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Reel Nation Media makes their newest 26 minute documentary, The Pursuit of Refuge, available for community screenings and fundraisers.

Syrian refugee children welcome their family members to America, who have just escaped war and refugee camps.

“An intimate portrait of a Syrian refugee father and his family building a life from zero in their new home, the United States of America.” This is the story of The Pursuit of Refuge, the newest film from Reel Nation Media and director Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz, shot during 2015-2017 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The film is now available, by request, to screen at local theaters, schools, and community and religious centers. Non-profit communities supporting and housing refugees will have the screening license waived.

In addition to the requested screenings, the filmmakers will host their own theatrical tour with a Q&A at theaters, universities, and community centers across the country. The Pursuit of Refuge will also be screening in select festivals, to be announced, during the fall and winter of 2018.

View the trailer embedded below and also available at:

“The Pursuit of Refuge is a human journey that all embark on, no matter who they are. This short documentary is an intimate portrait of what it means to find happiness after you've lost everything.” – Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz, Director

“Lovely, well-crafted, sobering… (The Pursuit of Refuge is) an important entry into the recent canon of films on the refugee and displacement crisis. What I appreciate most is its overall unapologetic optimism. I breathed a little easier watching a story about people who are doing their best to work through the nonsense and brutal injustices to at least try to get to a better place in life.” – Steven Sean Garland, Actor (SAG-AFTRA & AEA)

Audiences, organizations, businesses, and others seeking to watch the film, submit a screening request, or learn more can visit the movie’s webpage at There they can also view the official trailer and subscribe via email or social media for news on future screenings, festival dates, and release dates on digital platforms.

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Reel Nation Media was founded in 2014 by Daniel Roy Bills, Lauren Houdek, and Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz. In a world of billion-dollar franchises, binge-watching, and junk, viral videos, they saw the lack of media art that was altogether authentic, fun, and healthy for audiences striving to be conscious and sincere with their media consumption. The motion-picture and art studio will have four feature-length documentaries, crafted to heal and inspire audiences, in its library by winter 2019. Learn more at

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