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Stand Up top 10 Quotes!

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

The right words can lift even the lowest of spirits, whether you need a morale boost or something to ignite a fire inside you.

10. Michael Bookwalter: “We don’t wrestle to lose, we work too hard in wrestling to lose.”

9. Kenneth Haarer: “You have to regroup and go back at it.”

8. Jason Woodall: “Wrestling is very personal. When you lose you take it hard because *you* lost.”

7. Joe Porter: “I’m going to try my best and hopefully get as far as I can.”

6. Michael Bookwalter: “In wrestling, it’s not just on the mat that you can win. It’s what you learn from it.”

5. Kenneth Haarer: “In wrestling you can do all the work and all the right things and still not get where you want to be.”

4. Jason Woodall: “My goal is that they get on the mat and give it all they have.”

3. Joe Porter: “I feel like if all these people believe in me, why can’t I do it?”

2. Cevon Nguyen: "I’m going to push myself past my limits to better myself and improve as an individual.”

1. Michael Bookwalter: "How are you going to beat somebody else if you can’t beat yourself?”

What do you think of our top ten quotes? Did any one quote in particular stand out to you, tell us in the comments below! Still haven't seen the movie yet, no worries click here.

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