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Stand Up's top 17 Wrestling Pump Up Songs!

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

One of the biggest requests of wrestlers for the media is music. "Where words fail, music speaks," said Hans Christian Andersen, and that's exactly how we noticed wrestlers use it; when they need to get in the zone before a match, they have their headphones in while drilling. When they need to recover after a match, we found them pacing back and forth with music blaring. During practices, we noticed music kept the momentum and motivation high. For the wrestler, music has a power that cannot be explained in words, so we thought we should just stop and listen...

To those who don't know, we created our own wrestling pump up song (number one on the list below) to help support wrestlers on their journey. Download it here: The song is from the Stand Up film.

In addition to that, below we chose 16 other songs that are sure to get you going before a match. We chose these based on the following three things:

  1. The message it conveys

  2. The emotion it conveys

  3. Its use of instruments to set mood and tempo

Here are our top 17 Pump Up wrestling songs.

1. Can't Keep Me Down

2. Kings Never Die

3. One Mic

4. Indestructible

5. Let's Go

6. Gonna Fly Now

7. Hall of Fame

8. Last Resort

9. In The Air Tonight

10. Land of Confusion

11. Numb/Encore

12. Phenomenal

13. Heart of a Champion

14. Eye of the Tiger

15. Hero

16. Hero

17. I Made it

What do you think of our playlist? Are there any other songs that you can recommend that we didn't list? Let us know in the comments below! Thank you for listening to our Pump Up Playlist we hope it serves you well. If you want to check out the film from which Can't Keep Me Down came from, click here.

Get Pumped and Keep it Reel!


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