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See Hot Fizz at the 2018 Lancaster International Film Festival!

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Hot Fizz has been selected to screen at the Lancaster International Film Festival. The director, cast, and crew will be present at the festival which runs from November 8 to November 10 in historic downtown Lancaster. Come out and meet us!

Previously, Hot Fizz screened at the Johnstown Film Festival in September 2018 and was received well by audiences.

Hot Fizz is a dramatization of a ridiculous and historic event: A mysterious, seductive caller tortures an overworked college student to the edge of his wits as he struggles to survive the conversation with his dream career and life intact.

The film explores topics such as fanaticism and, what director Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz calls, "standing up for yourself against lunatics at the work place, even if they're your boss."

Get tickets and learn more about the other selections at the festival's website:

To see behind the scenes and more of Hot Fizz, visit the film's webpage at:

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