Refugee Documentary Released For Free In Response To Christchurch

Reel Nation Media makes their newest 27 minute documentary, The Pursuit of Refuge, available to watch, for free, to motivate empathy after the Christchurch Terror Attack.

“An intimate portrait of a Syrian refugee father and his family building a life from zero in their new home, the United States of America.” This is the story of The Pursuit of Refuge, the newest film from Reel Nation Media and director Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz, shot during 2015-2017 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The film is now available to watch for free on various platforms and, by request, to screen at local theaters, schools, and community and religious centers.

Where to Watch

The Pursuit of Refuge has been made available to watch for free by the studio, Reel Nation Media, and its director, Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz, as a response to the Christchurch Terror Attack.

“I've been reluctant to discuss my feelings on the Christchurch terror attack because I know that all it might do is cause even more conflict/arguments. So I will not say anything. Instead, I will show. My intention in the two years of making the film was to encourage empathy because empathy is our only hope to cure the dark hate plaguing our societies.”

- Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz, Director

“Lovely, well-crafted, sobering… (The Pursuit of Refuge is) an important entry into the recent canon of films on the refugee and displacement crisis. What I appreciate most is its overall unapologetic optimism. I breathed a little easier watching a story about people who are doing their best to work through the nonsense and brutal injustices to at least try to get to a better place in life.”

– Steven Sean Garland, Actor (SAG-AFTRA & AEA)

How to Support

Audiences, organizations, businesses, and others seeking to watch the film, submit a screening request, or learn more can visit the movie’s webpage at There they can also view the official trailer and become a member/patron of Reel Nation Media. Audiences may also choose to support the free release by pre-ordering the film’s Blu-ray, donate to the studio, and/or donate to a chosen fundraiser for Syrian Refugee Children.


Reel Nation Media was founded in 2014 by Daniel Roy Bills, Lauren Houdek, and Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz. In a world of billion-dollar franchises, binge-watching, and junk, viral videos, they saw the lack of media art that was altogether authentic, fun, and healthy for audiences striving to be conscious and sincere with their media consumption. The motion-picture and art studio will create a new compendium of entertainment, crafted to heal and inspire audiences, for the last half of 2019. Learn more at

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