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Two high school seniors have one last shot to rise to the expectations of their team by wrestling to the PIAA State Tournament.

Stand Up, the feature documentary film on escaping from bottom, is now taking names for pre-orders! If you haven't done it already, head over to to sign up. And if you have already so, make sure to read on to see what you will be getting in return! But some of you may be asking...

Why are we asking for your names and information when we are not yet able to actually take payment?

First off, Stand Up is still in the distribution stage, where we are trying to figure out the best ways to have our film reach you, our audience! Having your information will help us determine if a theater screening, DVD, or online download/rental would be best for you.

Secondly, Reel Nation Media is still in the process of acquiring commercial rights to the materials used in the film. It would simply be unlawful to make any sales at this point.

Finally, Reel Nation Media and Stand Up's filmmakers want to take this opportunity to get to openly interact and know you before any business gets in the way of that. To thank you for taking interest in Stand Up, we want to share with you the following before anyone else:

  • 1st notice of any purchaseable and pre-purchaseable options

  • News concerning film festivals

  • News concerning test screening lotteries

  • First look at teasers and trailers

  • First look at movie extras

  • First look at a new music video on the film

  • Access to a future "pre-pre-order" discount

And the greatest thing we think we can offer:

  • VIP Status when contacting Reel Nation Media

For us this is huge because we really value what you have to say, and we will truly take it to heart. The reason why we make films in the first place is to have it projected to you, and to hopefully illuminate a part of your life. So we want to get to know you, talk to you, and ultimately serve you.

We can't wait to share theses things with you. Please feel free to share this email, Stand Up, or our website, so that we may get this message to everyone who needs it: "Stand Up!"

That's all for this update. We will send another as soon as a new development or extra listed above arises. Keep it Reel.

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