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Original Soundtrack from The Pursuit of Refuge Documentary

The album art of "The Pursuit of Refuge - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" next to a pair of headphones.
The Pursuit of Refuge Original Soundtrack Now Available!

Today, Friday, October 12th 2018, we are proud to present the original soundtrack from our newest motion picture, "The Pursuit of Refuge", to our "Reel Nation Music", YouTube, and Sound Cloud channels.

Listen below on the embedded Sound Cloud player.

Listen to the three tracks that bring the film to life with accents of middle-eastern instruments meshed with the sound of the modern political climate of the United States. The composer, S.D. Gabor, has created a truly beautiful, powerful, and moving score.

So what are you waiting for! Here are the links to listen:

To learn more about the film, visit "The Pursuit of Refuge" web page at To listen to more music from S.D. Gabor, visit his website at

If you haven't seen it already, here is the trailer for "The Pursuit of Refuge".

Keep it Reel!

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