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Original Soundtrack from Dead ED

Today, Thursday, February 7th 2019, we are proud to finally present something from Dead ED... the original soundtrack. It is now published on "Reel Nation Music", YouTube, and Sound Cloud channels.

Listen below on the embedded Sound Cloud player.

The music, scored by S.D. Gabor, brings the epic sci-fi adventure to life with an emotional mix of techie and epic orchestration. Through the soundtrack, you can hear the disparity of the post-apocalypse world in the film, as well as the grand feelings of hope and resolve that a great friendship can inspire. The score is moving, brilliant, and reflective to listen to... so what are you waiting for? Here are the links to listen:

In other news, the long overdue film is on its way to be completed by end of March 2019. Dead ED is currently in visual effects production. You can catch sneak peaks by subscribing to the newsletter and blog. Subscribing will also give you first notice update on news of the film.

To listen to more music from S.D. Gabor, visit his website at

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