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New "STAND UP" Testimonials and Video

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Last winter we test screened Stand Up to multiple audiences across multiple formats. Most of those audiences were wrestlers...

Overall it was an awesome experience. We got to engage with our audience and see all the genuine laughs, tears, and determination they walked out of the rooms with. This is why we make movies in the first place at Reel Nation Media- to inspire these emotions.

Below is a list on some reactions from the screenings. Most participants remained to stay anonymous.

  • "This film has built up inspiration inside of me. I will push myself to be the best I can be and give 110% like Cevon said” -Unknown

  • "Captures the ups and downs of a wrestling season, but most importantly shows the character development of student athletes" -Jason Woodall

  • "This film not only captured the essence of the sport of wrestling, but it also showed the struggles of an athlete and all things required of a wrestler as well. It had ups and downs captured perfectly!" -Mahlon Chase

  • "Very Immersive. I felt like I was sitting mat-side" -Anthony Mancuso

  • "This documentary shows that hard work does pay off, and your real friends will push you to become better. The grind doesn’t stop even when the season is over. It taught me playing in a team sport is like having a huge family.” -"Awais Sultan"

  • "It was emotional and kept me on the edge" -Unknown

  • "It showed me that courage can take your far. If you keep pushing yourself then there is no limit." -Unknown

  • "Hard work has a value for all of life, bot just “winning”!"-Unknown

  • "I forgot I was watching a movie. It kept me on the edge of my seat." -Unknown

Along with these testimonies, we are releasing a new trailer which features some of the written testimonies above. At the end of our trailer, NOVEMBER 2016 blasts as the release date. More information on that coming soon.

Until next time.. Keep it Reel!

P.S. make sure to check out our Stand Up YouTube Playlist for all videos released about Stand Up.

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