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Listen to the Emotional "Crying Wolf" Original Soundtrack

Crying Wolf’s soundtrack is finally out!  You can listen to it for free at Reel Nation Media Music and Sound Cloud.

Listen below on the embedded Sound Cloud player.

Crying Wolf is a short film presented by Reel Nation Media and directed by Claire Collison.

“When a young girl discovers an uncanny friend in the woods, its effects resonate throughout her life but conflict with the monotonous reality of the adult world.”

The original motion picture soundtrack is composed by S.D. Gabor, who uses a combination of electric and fantasy-themed music to bring the story to life with a strong and powerful motif that peaks as the film ends.

More Emotional Film Soundtrack!

If you enjoyed the Crying Wolf OST by S.D. Gabor, then be sure to listen to soundtracks from our other films at

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