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A New Facebook Group Dedicated to Positive Art

Facebook’s “Groups” feature is a powerful tool that has connected thousands to collaborate on projects, movements, hobbies, and much more. Reel Nation Media is going to take advantage of that tool by creating a new group: Conscious Media Art (CMA).

The goals we have set out for CMA include:

  • Promoting the consumption of conscious entertainment

  • Giving audiences a voice to ask for content that will help them

  • Creating an atmosphere of collaboration between creators and audiences alike

  • Acquiring feedback from our audiences to discover how we can best serve them

How to Join?

Click on the following link to get to CMA! Jump in and introduce yourself! See what media art enthusiasts are recommending to explore and how it has positively affected them. Feel free to share your thoughts on the current state of media art (music, tv, film, literature, etc.) in our culture, along with any art that may have influenced you!

The Pros and Cons of Facebook

Making the decision to supplement our forums with a Facebook group was difficult. Right now, Facebook is amidst several controversies and privacy breaches, and many people have lost their trust in the platform. However, after weighing the pros and cons, we are convinced that the benefit we can deliver to people on Facebook, who may not hear of us or our mission otherwise, is too great to ignore.

Our intention right now is to let our patrons know that we are aware of the negatives of Facebook and that we have good intentions for making this move. Please read on to see what we have considered.

The Cons

We realize one of the cons of asking our patrons to interact on Facebook is that it may contribute to further distraction on social media. Thus we would be supporting a platform that doesn’t follow our ethics when it comes to valuing our supporters’ time and not just their dollar.

Another con is that the current attitude on social media is one that indulges in disrespect: putting others down, hate speech, and rude, witty comments solely aimed at garnering likes, comments, and shares.

Members on Facebook may also be less inclined to join the growing community on Reel Nation Media, which could potentially create a split in our little community.

Also, not every one of our current members or patrons likes Facebook. Some are against it for the reasons above. Younger audiences are also increasingly gravitating away from Facebook in favor of newer forms of social media.

As mentioned before, Facebook is drowning in controversy regarding its treatment with privacy.

At the start, members already subscribed to Reel Nation Media’s newsletter may now receive two notifications of our content: one in their email inbox and one in social media. Digital space is still space, and we do not want to clutter our supporters’ spaces. We will really strive with what power we have to respect our supporters’ busy inboxes and notifications.

The Pros

Facebook is much easier to access than the current Reel Nation Media website. People are already on Facebook and check it regularly. Through the platform, we also have another outlet to ask people to become members on the website as well, which we hope will increase the benefit they receive as a dedicated member.

Facebook also boasts a variety of marketing and productivity tools within its “Groups” feature, such as live streaming, polls, automated questions, job postings, recommendations, watch parties, group chats, and more.

Getting CMA on Facebook will also help it and the conscious entertainment shared on it to become more “findable” by search engines. The more we reiterate and get great work out there, the better chances it has to find someone who really needs it.

More quick pros also include:

  • Reel Nation Media already has a page that can integrate into the group

  • Members can easily invite friends and connections to the group

  • It’s also easier to comment, share, and post photos on Facebook

Your Feedback

Please let us know what you think of our decision by commenting here, discussing in our forums, or by engaging in CMA. Your input is extremely important to us.

Are there better ways to build a community? Will Facebook bring more good than harm? What do you think?

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