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Host A Screening!

Not just a movie...

A Movement

There are 3 ways to host a screening!

In A Theater Near You

Keep 5% Revenue and Take 100% Contributions

Finish your program's wrestling season with a bang with this team bonding option.  It's a fairly easy process, thanks to Tugg.  Just request which theater you want to set up in, then invite your friends and teammates to meet the audience threshold set by the theater.  You can also choose to arrange an option for the audience to donate to your cause, or you can sell your own merch!

In a Community Center or Campus

Purchase a License and Keep 100% Revenue

Add Stand Up to your educational library for all your students to use, or host a one-night event for your community or campus.   You choose if admissions are free or not.  This is perfect for asking for donations from you community or just wanting to have a blast together.   This is also the best option for wrestling teams just looking to have a great time without worrying about too much setup.

Keep 70% Revenue

This option, brought to you by
Reel Nation Media,is designed for wrestling teams so that they can use Stand Up to fundraise for a certain goal, whether it's for new singlets, other apparel, or wrestling mats.  
Stand Up will help you acquire your team's needs!  This screening may happen in a classroom or school auditorium.

RNM Community Fundraisers

Inspire - Motivate- Grow

We’ve partnered with a web-platform that enables individuals, groups, and organizations to set up personalized screenings of Stand Up in theaters and community venues across the country.  The best thing about a Tugg screening is that it gives Stand Up and those hosting the screening, freedom to make the events truly unique from your average theatrical experience, and to make an immediate real-world impact!  Use this opportunity to spark change in your wrestling program and area in the following ways:

  • Rally and inspire your team by offering this fun, constructive, and rewarding event.  Make it an after practice special before the weekend or a big tournament!  The film was made to lift spirits and show wrestlers how much deeper they can dig!

  • Use a screening event to fundraise for your team!  You can earn audience contributions, revenue (up to 40% for those aiming for a goal) from the event, or sales through merchandising (if the establishment allows).

  • Anyone can attend your event!  Bring wrestlers, coaches, parents, and even other teams.  Use this as an opportunity to unite your local wrestling community and build support for your teams!  Audiences who have a blast with you will surely come out again to see you!

  • Bring more attention to the sport in your school.  Invite the students to show them what the sport is truly about and how it can propel them to a next level.

  • Bring the director via Skype or in person to relate his motivational story behind Stand Up, and to hold a Q&A afterwards.

  • Allow those purchasing tickets to also purchase the Special Edition DVD with multiple extras that will educate your wrestlers, giving them an edge on the mat.

This is a great opportunity to raise wrestling awareness, motivation, and pride! To spark change in your area and wrestling program, events can be used as fundraisers and can include audience discussions.  As long as the venues allow it, you can even sell Stand Up merchandise to further support your cause.