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1:6 Scale Passion

A mini-doc by Reel Nation Media

A short, inspiring portrait of a passionate 1:6 scale figure artist practicing his craft.

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We love making docs to tell conscious stories!  Join us in our future adventures.

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Audience Reactions


It inspires me to do more of my own hobbies and concentrate.


20 years of intricate models?  It made me wonder...


I learned of a creative outlet that can make someone happy

Thank You For Watching!

We hope 1:6 Scale Passion inspired you to do what you love!

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Reel Nation Media

Conscious Media Art...

Today’s media atmosphere often loses audiences, who are striving to be conscious and sincere with their media consumption, in a sea of distraction: infinite TV, internet, social media, games, etc.

Instead, Reel Nation Media strives to use media art to bring audiences into a deeper connection with their life and world by embarking together on entertaining and conscious transmedia adventures.

Read more about our opinion on "conscious media art".

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